Law Firm Vendors Association

Select, committed and service-oriented vendors serving the legal community.
The LFVA was created to better serve the unique needs of the Washington, DC legal community. In doing so, its members strive to create a greater sense of camaraderie among law firms and their vendors while building brand awareness and appreciation for member companies. Through the LFVA, members can leverage their client relationships via hosted events and informal networking opportunities both inside and outside the group, while giving back and supporting all law firms throughout the greater metropolitan area.

Who We Are

LFVA, founded in 2003, covers a wide and diverse range of industries and offerings – all with a direct connection to the needs of the Washington, DC legal market. Our members are experienced leaders in their respective fields and are able to offer the latest in the products, services and intellectual resources desired and demanded by our clients.

Corporate Members

Membership in LFVA is by invitation only. To inquire about membership, please review our membership criteria, or feel free to contact us at


The Law Firm Vendors Association is an organization of people. Our representatives are professionals in their field, knowledgeable in their products and services, resolute in their commitment to support the greater law firm community. At your leisure please scroll through the pictures below and get to know us a little better. We invite you to learn who we are, how we got here, and what we can do for you.


LVFA hosts events for the clients of its members companies and sponsors the activities of many associations and organizations throughout the Washington, DC metropolitan area.


LFVA Holiday Party 2022

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LFVA Spring Event 2022

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LFVA Holiday Party 2019

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LFVA Spring Event 2019

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LFVA’s Fall Luncheon 2018

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LFVA’s ALA Spring Celebration 2018

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LFVA’s Annual Holiday Party 2017

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LFVA’s Fall Event 2017

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Caps Game with LFVA 2017

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LFVA’s Annual Holiday Party 2016

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Fall Luncheon and Speaker Event 2016

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Pepco Edison Art Gallery Reception 2016

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Holiday Party 2015

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Spring Mai Thai 2015

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Holiday Party 2014

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The LFVA Newsletter is published 3-4 times annually and regularly includes a President’s Message, photos and highlights from our Happy Hours or Holiday Party, a Member Article, and ALA Capital Chapter Announcements. It may also feature an interview with an ALA Capital Chapter Member, LFVA in the Community, and Members in the News. Below are links to recent LFVA Newsletters.

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    We Would Like to Hear From You…

    Whether you are inquiring about an LFVA event, membership, or another matter, we want to hear from you.

    There are a variety of ways to reach us, all are listed below. If you are trying to reach a LFVA member, please view our members page for their contact information.